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The growth of globalization, communications and digital technologies has given rise to a rich, dynamic and diverse ecosystem around the theme of digital money.

This complex ecosystem is characterized by many players in different geographies, with varied capabilities, collaborating in complex and fluid value chains, and competing under changing regulations, dropping margins and increasing expectations of responsiveness.

Shift Thought helps organisations to manage in the context of complex environments and ecosystems through:

  • Its long experience in addressing the perspectives on the ecosystem of very different players such as banks, mobile network operators and others
  • Its skills, experience, analytic models and conceptual frameworks in managing complexity within such organisations
  • The intelligent knowledge platform that enables the management of complex continually refreshed ecosystem information

Shift Thought develops thinking and solutions directed towards understanding models and strategies, and architecting and deploying solutions in order to exploit the opportunities this complex ecosystem provides.

Managing Complexity

Managing Complexity

Complexity affects everything that is involved in running a business ranging from its positioning, proposition and embedding in ecosystems, through its products and offering to its capabilities and performance.

In an increasingly complex world, organisations can no longer isolate themselves from the impact of complexity and must adopt new ways of thinking in order to adapt and even exploit the presence of complexity.

Shift Thought develops thinking and solutions in the areas of complex business architecture, business processes, knowledge management, strategy and transformation.

The platform

The platform

The platform is a framework of integrated technologies that provides the foundation infrastructure supporting the complex knowledge management requirements of the Shift Thought practices and customers.

It uses the natural knowledge accumulation and integration strategy of Start Anywhere Go Everywhere.